Embossed invitation

This invitation has a unique embossed design printed on the front of the card. Couples names can be printed in hot foil silver or black. Pockets and inserts can be added on the inside of this invitation card. This unique design can also be made in Ivory card.

Price: $ 7.80 AU
Includes Invitation, Printing, embossed design and outer Envelope

Silk Folder

A gorgeous silk folder with a ribbon holder to hold the invitation inside. The folder has a handmade crystal stone buckle holding the folder together.

Folder size: 6x6 inches
Color: Ivory (other colors available)

Price:$9.00AU includes folder,ribbon,buckle
Please note there is a minimum order of 100 Invitations.



Personal Invitation Case

Elegant wedding invitation box. Padded interior and outside lid. The lid is embroidered with your initials or design and the date of the wedding. Inner material of the case is cotton standard.

Price: $ 9.50 AU includes the silk case with your initials on the outside

Please note: Minimum order 100. 

A Lavish Design

This exclusive Wedding Invitation  is available in Purple, Red and White. We can also place your photo with your fiancee on the inside of the invitation.
Card size: 14cm

Price: $9.00 AU
Includes: Ribbon, Envelope, Printing and Photo Printing.

Please not: Individual guest names and personalisation note included in cost
Lydia & Mina-Custom design

Stunning swirls and luxuriously embossed names - a preview to your guests of a Royal wedding. This invitation features a custom design pocket with RSVP,Wishing well, Reception card presented in layers.

Price: from $14.00 AU includes hard cover Invitation, inside pocket, printing outer envelope.

Best seller hard cover book Invitation.

This book  Invitation includes any picture with your favourite poem/verse and which is  printed on transparent paper. Printing of initials and design on front cover is  embossed. This  invitation will set the standard of your wedding.

Price: $14.00 AU
Includes Invitation Card, envelope, embossed print on outer envelope and invitation, standard printing, photo print, transparent paper.
(Personalisation and individual guest names not included  included in price)


Jody & Matt- Custom design

This Invitation is a gorgeous custom design for Jody and Matt. This hard cover invitation incorporates the bride and groom theme colour(Royal blue and Black). Inside the inviation is a photo of the couple.

Price: $15.50 AU
Includes Invitation Card,envelope and  printing, coloured photo print.
(Personalisation and individual guest names  included in price)

Lime Green Design

Your names are engraved in a gold plate on the cover of  invitation and a green satin ribbon is placed behind. The cover has a gorgeous green embossed design. Please note I can change the colours based on  your wedding theme colours.

Price: $13.50 AU
Includes Invitation Card, envelope, picture and standard printing.

Classic hard cover Invitation

Luxurious metal plate featuring engraved monogram and wedding date surrounded by elegant embossed swirl patterns

Price $16.00AU includes metal plate,embossed design,hard cover invitation,printing,outer envelope
Monica & Nickolaos-Custom design

This gorgeous invitation was exclusively designed for Monica and Nichoas. The invitation is printed on white shimmery card 250gms with a pocket for wishing well and RSVP cards.It feathers a buckle on the front of the card

Price: $10.50AU includes Invitation card,printing,outer envelope,wishing well card and buckle
Sophisticate hard cover Invitation

Luxurious metal plate featuring engraved monogram and wedding date surrounded by elegant gold embossed swirl patterns. This unique invitation design is a hard cover invitation with several insert pages

Price: $17.50AU includes hard cover Invitation,printing,outer envelope,page inserts,wishing well cards etc
Peter & Leigha- Custom design

Embosed vine design printed on white shimmery card. This gorgeous custom design invitation has a grey shimmery printed background on the front of the card. Names of Bride & Groom printed in hot foil gold & then embossed.White satin ribbon with a  diamond peal buckle adds a touch of class on the front.

Price: from $14.00AU
Includes Invitation,printing,pocket,embossed/hotfoil print,outer envelope